Satellite terminals

Our satellite network by-passes traffic jams

The principle pursued by neska intermodal is to keep the "last mile" as short as possible for trucks in a transport chain. To this end, our satellite terminals function as advanced handling depots for combined transports, as close as possible to the customer.

Short rail links connect our satellite terminals to central transhipment points. Departing from the main terminals, all container flows can then reach the major sea ports in night runs – every day with timetables that allow reliable planning.

Your benefits:

  • Shorter distances to your customers
  • By-pass busy traffic regions
  • Flexible planning for actual needs (containers on demand)
  • Empty runs reduced to a minimum
  • On-time delivery as performance criterion number 1 for works logistics

neska intermodal system transports:

OWX - East-Westphalia Xpress

Serves the satellite terminals in Unna and Bönen – daily from Duisburg.

R2X - Rotterdam 2-Axes

Operates a triangular service with optimised round trips (Rotterdam, Duisburg, Stuttgart, Rotterdam).

BBX - Black-Box Xpress

Our special containers bring your bulk goods to their destination reliably and economically.