Green logistics

A financially rewarding way to conserve resources

Sustainability has become ever more important in the logistics business. Alongside the growing demands for greater flexibility and dynamism, ever more customers and consumers are looking for environmentally-friendly products and services. Our intermodal logistics fulfil all requirements that you and your customers nowadays place on economic logistics processes that conserve resources. Even today, our combined transports save around 250,000 truck journeys per annum.

Apart from the financial benefits, you also have strong ecological arguments to convince your customers. This is because freight transports by barge and rail generate a far lower level of emissions per loading unit than freight carried by truck. As an intermodal specialist, neska intermodal always tries to restrict truck transports to the so-called "last mile".

Your benefits:

  • Combined transports help to protect the climate
  • Decisive reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Economic benefits reaped by bundling effects in combined transports

CO2 balance:

A bargeonly emits 33.4 g/tkm CO2 – that is 130.6 g/tkm less than a truck.*

At 48.1 g/tkm, a trainis likewise environmentally friendlyand saves 115.9 g/tkm compared to a truck.

*Source: Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration