Container services

MRC: We have the expertise, you have the success

Maintaining, repairing and cleaning containers is our daily business.
As a specialist for trimodal container logistics, we pack the boxes effectively and ensure reliable, clean and efficient procedures with all-round services:

  • Container stuffing and stripping
  • Maintenance & Repair (MRC)
  • Storage of hazardous goods
  • Buying and selling
  • Flexible rental solutions

With neska intermodal, you can make unrestricted use of the benefits offered by containers:

  • High speed transfer between the different modes of transport
  • Transport of very large volumes
  • Different piece goods can be combined into bulk goods
  • Standardised dimensions ensure efficient handling
  • Low space requirement due to stackability
  • Precise calculation of the space requirement
  • Intelligent deployment as buffer stores in port facilities and during transport by ship and rail
  • Easy identification using standardised labelling according to the ISO standard
  • The best possible combination of environmentally-friendly modes of transport conserves resources

The locations of neska intermodal:

Alcotrans Container Line, Hamburg

Alcotrans Container Line, Rotterdam

CTS Container-Terminal, Cologne

DCH Düsseldorfer Container-Häfen

KCT Krefelder Container Terminal

RRT Rhein-Ruhr Terminal, Duisburg

UCT Umschlag Container Terminal, Dormagen