Terminal alliance

Maximum logistics power: our terminal alliance

As highly efficient interfaces, the proven structures at our terminal locations are consciously aligned to the needs of local businesses. They demonstrate this every day as trimodal hubs to the main North Sea ports and to handily-situated, local satellite terminals.

This range of services is first made possible by state-of-the-art handling equipment, intelligent organisation and well-developed software applications. The latest plant and equipment ensure that various modes of transport can be processed in parallel, whilst the generously proportioned quays and rail track systems provide enough space for several boats and trains to be loaded and unloaded at the same time. Expansive, on-site storage areas round off the range of services.

The services offered by our terminal alliance:

  • Intermodal transports:
60 one-way departures per week
  • Barges:
10 sailings with a capacity of 5,800 TEU per week
  • Trucking:
275 trucks / 320 chassis
  • Container terminal areas:
511.000 qm
  • Container storage capacity:
30.000 TEU
  • Employees:

Terminal map: