Container Traffic An intelligent mix: Economy. Dependability. Environmental consciousness.

Sustainability is also one of the key issues in logistics. A steadily growing number of customers and consumers are asking for environmentally-friendly products. In addition to the factors which affect the climate, a balanced ecological equilibrium through reduction of the carbon footprint is just as important a cost factor as the necessary flexibility and dynamism.

neska intermodal fully meets the demands of its customers for economical and resource-saving logistics processes. Through our combined transports in particular, we are already saving around 250,000 truck trips per year. This is because transports by inland waterway and rail register a far better balance in terms of emissions per unit load than transport by truck.

In addition, our customers benefit from "bundling" effects. For example, the permissible truck load in combined transport is increased from 40 to 44 tonnes. Specialising in intermodal logistics, it is always our goal to minimise truck transports to the "last mile". By this we not only relieve the traffic burden on the roads, but also contribute to more reliable timing by avoiding congestion. And when it comes to reliability: Thanks to our extensive resources and capacities, you can always plan safely with us and count on us.