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2023-08-02 Low water surcharge 02.08.2023 icon pdf176 kB
2023-08-02 Cancellation Low water surcharge 28.07.2023 icon pdf176 kB
2023-07-22 Low water surcharge 22.07.2023 icon pdf176 kB
2022-07-21 Low water surcharge 21.07.2023 icon pdf176 kB
2023-07-18 Cancellation Emergency Surcharge 18.07.2023 icon pdf176 kB
2023-07-17 Low water surcharge 17.07.2023 icon pdf176 kB
2023-07-10 Low water surcharge 10.07.2023 icon pdf176 kB
2023-08-01 BAFsurcharge august 2023 icon pdf176 kB
2023-07-01 BAF surcharge july 2023 icon pdf176 kB
2022-04-08 BAF surcharge May icon pdf176 kB
2022-04-05 Cancellation Emergency Surcharge icon pdf176 kB
2022-04-04 Cancellation low water surcharge icon pdf176 kB
2022-03-26 Low water surcharge 26.03.2022 icon pdf176 kB
2022-03-10 Emergency Surcharge 14.03.2022 icon pdf176 kB
2022-03-04 BAF surcharge April icon pdf176 kB
2022-02-09 BAF surcharge March icon pdf176 kB
2022-01-10 BAF surcharge February icon pdf176 kB
2022-01-14 Weather conditions Antwerp icon pdf435 kB
2021-12-20 Christmas greetings icon pdf197 kB
2021-12-16 Newsletter Opening Hours Terminals icon pdf150 kB
2021-12-09 BAF surcharge January icon pdf176 kB
2021-11-29 Introduction_LWS_2 icon pdf363 kB
2021-11-24 Introduction_LWS_3 icon pdf361 kB
2021-11-15 Introduction_LWS_2 icon pdf361 kB
2021-11-10 Introduction LWS_1 icon pdf360 kB
2021-11-08 Cancellation_LWS icon pdf508 kB
2021-11-05 BAF surcharge December icon pdf519 kB
2021-11-05 Introduction LWS_1 icon pdf364 kB
2021-11-03 Introduction LWS_2 icon pdf364 kB
2021-10-27 Introduction LWS_2 icon pdf361 kB
2021-10-25 Introduction LWS_1 icon pdf  64 kB
2021-10-21 Storm_Ignatz icon pdf164 kB
2021-10-19 Congestion_Situation icon pdf491 kB
2021-10-18 Introduction LWS_2 icon pdf  49 kB
2021-10-11 BAF surcharge November icon pdf520 kB
2021-10-03 Introduction_KWZ_I icon pdf525 kB
2021-09-16 Congestion_Situation icon pdf496 kB
2021-09-06 BAF surcharge October icon pdf521 kB
2021-08-02 BAF surcharge September icon pdf521 kB
2021-07-15 Flood situation icon pdf344 kB
2021-07-05 BAF surcharge August icon pdf519 kB
2021-06-07 Bomb discovery RRT Home icon pdf163 kB
2021-06-01 BAF surcharge July icon pdf518 kB
2021-05-20 Cancellation B1 surcharge icon pdf361 kB
2021-05-07 BAF surcharge June icon pdf518 kB
2021-05-03 Cancellation_LWS icon pdf525 kB
2021-04-28 Introduction_KWZ_I icon pdf527 kB
2021-04-07 Special_message_Introduction Cargo Flow Disruption Surcharge as from 07.04.2021 icon pdf441 kB
2021-04-06 BAF surcharge May icon pdf391 kB
2021-03-22 Special message_Cargo opening situation icon pdf415 kB
2021-03-11 Special_message_storm_Klaus icon pdf363 kB
2021-03-02 BAF surcharge April icon pdf393 kB
2021-02-09 Special message_Update _high-water on the Rhine icon pdf365 kB
2021-02-08 Special message Effects of the onset of winter due to low pressure area Tristan icon pdf365 kB
2021-02-05 Special message high-water on the Rhine icon pdf372 kB
2021-02-03 BAF surcharge March_Congestion RTM_ANR icon pdf394 kB
2021-02-01 Special message rising water level icon pdf367 kB
2021-01-04 BAF surcharge February icon pdf364 kB