Innovations Containers that are always secure – a BoxX-System for every transport assignment

Different goods require different containers. We always offer you the right solutions. We developed the Black-BoxX for the careful transportation of foundry coal. Loading is carried out in the same manner as with rail wagons or tipping trucks. Products sensitive to moisture are best kept in the Blue-BoxX, which, with its seawater-proof tarpaulin, is also designed for "Short Sea" shipping. Finally, the Grey-BoxX, a rail container with side doors, offers the possibility of loading and unloading rail wagons even at short notice. It is optionally available either with open-top or without a tarpaulin. Our BoxX system guarantees efficient, gentle and sustainable transport by road and rail, as well as by water.

In cooperation with neska logistics, we also support you in the stuffing and stripping of standard containers -- professionally, and with state-of-the-art technology. Spacious warehouses, with troughs for hazardous goods and safety equipment, ensure professional storage.

Data and facts about the BoxX system

  • Container volumes up to 56 m³
  • Safety-optimised containers designed especially for bulk materials
  • Simple, safe handling
  • Space-saving loading (pallet width, fivefold stackable)
  • Handling-free transport to the recipient
  • Minimisation of storage costs
  • Central scheduling and -control by neska intermodal
  • Over 800 containers in use

Water taxis - highly flexible and cost-effective

The taxi -- flexible, convenient and available at short notice. There ought to be something like that for container transports too. And there is! – what’s more, at favourable conditions. Our water taxis operate shuttle services to our terminals at fixed times, and also transport your goods at short notice. The lighter the goods are, the easier it is to transport them quickly. Because there are virtually no limits to.

Our intelligent taxi system offers, vertical stacking on water, even for heavier goods, maximum flexibility, simplified processes and short reaction times. This reduces both repositioning costs and empty container stock. Further advantages are simplified stock management and an improved equipment balance. Particularly in regions with high traffic loads, we have already greatly relieved road congestion, and have been able to substantially accelerate deliveries.