System Transports Trimodal container logistics, right on schedule

Smooth, coordinated, precisely timed processes are the be-all and end-all in international logistics. This is precisely our specialisation area at neska intermodal. The linchpin of our container network is a sophisticated hinterland logistics system along the Rhine, to and from the North Sea ports. It synchronises trimodal solutions by inland waterway, rail, and truck with all relevant transhipment processes and a precisely scheduled regular timetable. This includes short distances to the central warehouses as well as perfectly timed ramp control -- including the system's own truck shuttle.

This not only shortens waiting times and idle times for trucks considerably, but also standardises and secures recurring logistical processes. A shuttle system on rail and water makes it possible to integrate traffic concepts with optimised loading systems, which have been developed individually according to your requirements.

And of course, we have hazardous goods equipment and special equipment such as tipper chassis and low-bed trailers at our disposal. Extra high loaded goods are also no problem for our inland waterway vessels. Take advantage of the full potential of our container network and strengthen your supply chain!

neska intermodal System-/Rail Transport:

Serves the satellite terminal Bönen -- daily from Duisburg.

Operates on a circuit (Rotterdam – Duisburg -- Rotterdam).

Operates via triangular traffic between HH / BHV / WHV / Bremen – Roland – Bönen / Duisburg, 3 times weekly

Your bulk material arrives safely and economically at its destination in our special containers.

Reliable and environmentally friendly pre- and onward carriage by rail.

Take advantage of the cooperation CTS Container-Terminal GmbH and IGS Container Logistics GmbH.

Satellite terminal connections: Moving traffic all along the line

Trucks play an indispensable role in modern logistics, especially on the short "last mile". However, they are at a disadvantage compared to ships and trains -- not only in terms of their load limitations, but also because of their environmental impact and the high likelihood of congestion. After all, punctuality is a top priority in logistics, especially in plant logistics. This is why neska intermodal follows the principle of the most limited use of trucks which is possible within the transport chain.

Our satellite terminals, located in the immediate vicinity of our customers, act as advance transhipment points for combined transport. Neuralgic traffic junctions and major construction sites can be intelligently bypassed by rail or water, before transport continues by road.

Our satellite locations are linked via short train connections to a centrally located main transhipment terminal. From that point, all container flows reach the major seaports at night -- daily, with fixed schedules. In addition, empty runs can be kept to a minimum if unloaded containers are available on call for later transports of other goods from the region.